Love is a magical word that binds two hearts. Hate is an abstract that may give rise to dark magic. Friendship is a magical feeling that ties together two strangers. Family is a magical collaboration that requires no logic. With such miracles that happen every day, how can one say that magic does not exist?

So, do you believe in magic? Or is it just science twisted beyond the eye for you? Because if you do believe in it, you are going to love this article. If not, the article may spark an interest in you. The condition is to read till the end.

 Dramacool The sound of Magic is a magical story. The storyline alone will lead you to believe some occurrences happening beyond what the mind comprehends.

What is Dramacool The sound of Magic?

The Korean drama series Dramacool The sound of Magic is a story of a young, poor girl who struggles in life. She has a rival and competitor who kind of looks out for her, and a magician living in an abandoned parks.

What inspired the Dramacool The sound of Magic?

The drama Dramacool The sound of Magic was created based on the webtoon Annarasumanara made in Korea. As it was based on a webtoon, it is a short drama.

Status and seasons

This is a completed drama series comprising only 1 season and 6 episodes. The drama is left with an undefined ending, leaving the viewers to create an ending of their own. The series Dramacool The sound of Magic was recently released in 2022.

The storyline of Dramacool The sound of Magic

The plot of this series is a magical one. A young girl who comes from a poor family lived with her parents and sister. However, her father was immersed in debt and could not take the pressure, and so, ran away. Her mother didn’t prove to be any better as she too, fled away from her daughters. This left the elder sibling to struggle to make rent, keep up with academics, and take care of her younger sister. Even so, the young girl always came at the top of the class. She has a male classmate who competes with her in academics but also cares for her.

One day, the young girl was led to an abandoned amusement park where an unknown magician lived. Upon seeing the girl, he got to know her a bit and concluded that she too, was into magic. However, her classmate was skeptical and believed there is some dark meaning behind the magician’s tricks. Is he right? Watch Dramacool The sound of Magic to find out.


Rather than focusing on long plots and multiple characters, it is a short drama series that has an undefined ending. After the 6th episode, viewers are expecting a second season. However, these viewers are the creators of their endings.


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