Doom at your Service Dramacool


Have you ever wished for someone’s doom? Have you ever cursed your fate to the extent that you want all the happy people around you to experience the same misery you are going through, if not worse? It is no secret that we all feel jealous of someone sometime in our lives. But we keep that jealousy to ourselves and never let it get exposed. Some of us are good at hiding this envy, while others do deeds to make the person suffer, just because they have something we don’t.

But no one is foolish enough to blurt out loud their feelings in public. No sane person would go around telling people that they want what you have, and they would do anything to steal it. We keep these dark secrets buried deep within us, and plaster a smile on our faces, acting like the sweetest beings on earth.

Well, this article is about a story in which a girl cursed the whole world because of her fate. At that moment, she did not realize that her wish had been heard and the curse would be cast upon the world. What will she do to save the world? Read to find out.

When was it released?

The drama Doom at your Service Dramacool is a Korean drama released in 2021. It has 1 season of 16 episodes and was made in South Korea.

The storyline of Doom at your Service Dramacool

The plot of Doom at your Service Dramacool revolves around a young girl who lost her parents. Struggling on her own since then, she developed a career as a web novelist that allowed her a stable life for 6 years. Just when she thought her life had gotten better, she started feeling odd.

As fate would have it, the young girl was diagnosed with glioblastoma and only had three more months to live. What is more, she found out that her lover was soon to be a father and had a wife. Her superior scolded her, and she was being stalked by a pervert. Life was a mess and she found relief in alcohol. One night as she was gazing at the stars, her eyes met a shooting star, and she made a wish she would greatly regret. She blamed her bad luck and cursed the whole world to be destroyed. Little did she know, her wish had been heard.

Soon after, a being entered the Earth that screamed destruction. His breath could cause countries to collapse, and his existence could change the seasons to one having dark auras. When the young female learned about this, she felt guilty. But she had no one to talk to, as no one would ever believe her. And so, she reluctantly signed a 100-day agreement with the devil and vowed to save the world.


Amidst happy plots and typical endings, Doom at your Service Dramacool is a drama that keeps you on your toes. It is a well-written story with very likable characters. It is one to watch.


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