December Global Holidays – All You Need to Know

December is considered the longest month of the year, with 31 days. It is the time of the whole year when the days are getting shorter, and the weather is getting slightly cooler. One interesting thing about this month is that it is considered the fast-approaching holidays and joy. People enjoy different holidays according to their traditions in different patches of the world known as “December Global Holidays.”

Let’s move down quickly to know the variety of these holidays and their interesting facts!

  1. New Year Eve is celebrated at the end of the year, which means 31 December. At this event, people invite their family members and friends to visit their houses and arrange huge dinners with many traditional dishes. They wear bright colors, mostly red that symbolize happiness and avoid black colors for any purpose, indicating death.
  2. According to them, Christmas is the special day of Christians that celebrate it on 25 December – the birthday of Jesus Christ, son of God. They visit their loved ones and arrange parties with food available. The children get gifts from the family and Santa Clause to make them happy.
  3. St. Lucia Day is the name of “day of lights” and celebrated on 13 December, a death day of St; Lucia that was the earliest christen Martyr. She was killed when she was accused of providing food to the hidden Christians’ underground catacombs. The young girls wear traditional dresses, wreathes on heads, and walk around by carrying the candles in their hands in honor of that lady.
  4. Winter Solstice is the day celebrated by lighting up bonfires and candles so that people can enjoy the warmth of fire among the snowy surroundings. The snowcapped trees and the foggy mountains with cooler weather are enjoyed by arranging the fires to feel the sun’s heat.
December Global Holidays
  1. St. Nicholas day is celebrated on 5 December by exchanging chocolates, candies, riddles, and mini gifts that look so cute. This day is celebrated in the memory of St. Nicholas, who sold all the money and things he earned for the needy people. The children put out carrots and shoes, who hay hope that St. Nicholas will exchange them for mini presents and treat. This day is so popular in the small towns of Greece and Russia.
  2. Hanukkah is the eight-day celebration in which the candle is blown every night after sundown. The ninth candle is called the helper used to lighten up the others on the ninth night of this event. The jam-filled donuts and potatoes pancakes are fried in oil are the traditional food and known as the Hanukkah food specifically.
  3. Kwanzaa is the first fruit harvest celebration for which different aspects of harvesting are considered while celebrating this day. It is celebrated on 31 December, including dances, singing, poetry readings, and traditional foods.


People decorate their houses, clean them to throw the trashes with negativity, and prepare them to get the positive things to happen next. Food preferences are different in different places according to their taste and concern. They invite their families and friends to parties and make them memorable by exchanging gifts that symbolize love and care among them. Everyone enjoys December Global Holidays in various ways, but they try their best to make it perfect!


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