Are there more doors or wheels in the world?

Are there more doors or wheels in the world?
Are there more doors or wheels in the world?

As intellectual humans who are considered the most intelligent beings to be sent in the world. It is considered a right to debate on anything and everything. For many years, people have debated on topics like, “did the hen come first or the egg?” Even after all these years, humans have not been able to answer this question. Even if some draw conclusions, they are not able to justify their reasons. And eventually, an uproar takes place between two siding parties. Now that that question has gotten old, people have found a new topic to debate and quarrel on. “Are there more doors or wheels in the world?”

While this question may not get a definite answer either, it is a fun topic to talk about. Everyone has their own opinion and claims, and everyone else should respect that.

Before trying to answer the question in this article, let us go back in time to see when this pointless banter started, and who the culprit was.

How the argument started

A while ago, a guy named Ryan Nixon posted a tweet on his timeline that precisely said,

“My mates and I are having the stupidest debate

And I am here for it.

Do you think there are more doors or wheels in the world?”

The tweet was posted as a poll on which doors received 46.4% of the affirmations while wheels received the remaining 53.6%.

The post received 5K retweets, 4K quotes, and 19K likes and before long. The pointless question became a hot topic that needed to be answered at all costs.

From the above responses, you might be thinking the question had been already answered with wheels in the lead. But no, that is not true. Why? Because for one, not everyone uses Twitter as a means of communication. And not everyone came across the question back then.

So, are there more doors or wheels in the world?

First, you need to accept that this is an unanswerable question. Because even though doors and wheels are countable nouns, the doors and wheels of the entire world (with more being made every minute) are uncountable.

Secondly, everyone has their own definition of doors and wheels. Some might consider wheels only to be round movable objects meant as a means of transport for humans, while others may even consider the wheels present on a movable chair.

Similarly, a door might be considered only as something you can walk through, or it can be considered something that opens and closes, such as cabinets.

Technically, there are more doors than wheels in the world, considering only the wheels that carry you around and the doors you walk past through. For the condition to be reversed, there have to be more vehicles than buildings and houses in the world which is not the case as of yet.

But that is only my personal opinion. How about we take a look at what others think about it?

Counterparts and different opinions

There once began a debate on the question of more quantity between doors and wheels between two people named Harrison and Owen. Opinion editor Harrison Raskin had an opinion that there are far more doors in the world than wheels. While writer Owen

Silverman was all about wheels. The two stated statistical reasoning and the answers were given concerning the year 2022.

Point 1: Harrison

Harrison considered all hinged objects that open and close as doors. He said that even after excluding many potential doors, there are still far more doors than wheels in the world. For this point, he statistically presented that the number of wheels per vehicle shrinks substantially to the number of doors per building.

Point 1: Owen

Owen disagreed with Harrison’s opinion by presenting a wheel-to-door ratio of objects. For example, a car has 4 doors and 6 wheels in it, including the spare tire and the steering wheel. He concluded that these vehicles have a 3:2 ratio of wheel to door. By increasing the size of these vehicles as trucks and limousines, the wheels increase while the doors either decrease in number or stay the same.

Point 2: Harrison

Countering the vehicle approach of Owen, Harrison calculated the overall number of vehicles in the world. There are indeed more vehicles than people in the world, and there are even vehicles with no doors, such as a bicycle.

However, he stated that many cars have no spare tires, while small vehicles that have less than four doors only have two tires. He also considered the engine compartment to have a door.

Other than that, Harrison refused to consider axles and other circular features as wheels. He claims that wheels were invented far before axles, and considering an axle as the wheel would be an insult to actual wheels.

Point 2: Owen

Owen agreed with Harrison on the fact that a building having 20-50 floors skyrockets the number of doors in the world. However, he now considers office chairs and other small objects as well.

If Harrison considers cabinets and sliding doors as doors as well, then even these objects have small wheels attached somewhere to them.

In conclusion, he stated that we live in a wheel-dominated world, which will continue to roll forward.

Concluding remarks

Well, that was fun to write. But did you get your answer? I’m sure you didn’t because there is no answer to this question. What do you think? Are there more doors or wheels in the world?


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