Apple Watch series 6 is even better this year. We reworked the old and new sensors, speeded up the work, increased the screen’s brightness, and added new body colors. Whether this is a full-fledged update and who should buy the Apple Watch Series 6 – we understand the review.

Last year we tested the Apple Watch Series 5 in Bali. Less fortunate this year. To us all. The borders are closed, and it’s impossible to go anywhere, but many of us have finally taken care of our health. Against the backdrop of the coronavirus and in general, there was extra time.

Pulse oximeter – new sensor

AW 6 learned how to calculate the level of oxygen in the blood. To do this, four LEDs were placed on the back of the watch. They emit red, green and IR light on the wrist. Four photodiodes nearby read the level of reflected light from the blood vessels. And then, algorithms come into play, which calculates the level of oxygen in the blood, depending on its color. If anything, scarlet blood – a lot of oxygen, dark – not enough.

Everything works through a separate application. You start dutifully, wait 15 seconds, and the result is ready. If anything, 95-100% is an excellent indicator. In other cases, you need to take action: get up, walk, stretch and breathe deeply. Also, a constantly low oxygen level in the blood can be one of the symptoms of coronavirus. Run a CT scan of the lungs to determine the lesion’s extent.

There is not much oxygen.

Here is a life hack for you on increasing the oxygen level in the blood and, as a result, well-being. To do this, watchOS has a special Breathing app. A minute of breathing exercises, and you’re back to normal. However, there is an option and more interesting.

A stock app for breathing is, of course, better than nothing. However, on my own, I advise WHM. Free utility with an advanced breathing practice. 5-7 minutes several times a day, and you are a healthy, happy man with excellent immunity. Don’t believe it? Then google app creator and mastermind Wim Hof.

The same man who climbed Mont Blanc (4,810 m) and Everest (8,848 m) in shorts alone sat in an ice bath for 2 hours, ran a marathon in the Namib desert without a sip of water, and so on. What to do, where to run? To begin with, perform breathing exercises – according to the Wim Hof ​​method. The proprietary application will help you with this.

Wim Hof ​​or Iceman

As a result, the oxygen level in the blood will always be at the top. And he is not alone.

Burn bright

In the sixth generation, it became 2.5 times brighter. True, only in passive mode, that is, when you do not look at the screen and turn your wrist away from you. In active mode, the brightness is identical.

If anything, the passive mode works similarly in Series 5: the display refresh rate is reduced from 60 to 1 Hz. Together with the OLED panel, this saves a good amount of charge.

Series 6 screen (top) is brighter.

There are also losses, but ambiguous. The display is no longer pressure-sensitive (3D Touch). However, Apple abandoned all iPhones’ features, starting with the iPhone 11. Now it’s time for the clock. Pressing with force was replaced with a simple hold. It sounds endlessly dramatic, but in fact, there is no difference. You get used to it once or twice, and you no longer remember how it was before.

New Workouts

Several new activity modes have been added: dancing, recovery (hitch), core (on the deep muscles of the torso) and functional strength training. However, this is available on all watches with watchOS 7, starting with Apple Watch Series 3.

Everything else is the same. During the day, we close three circles of activity (exercises, mobility, warm-ups), compete with friends, and so on. My favorite feature is automatic friction detection. That is, even if you forgot to turn on the workout, the watch will correctly recognize the type of activity and calculate all the data, including those recorded in the background, before the notification. Unique functionality that works exceptionally accurately.

New chipset

Apple Watch Series 6 is 20% faster than previous ones. In theory. In practice, I didn’t notice any difference. Under the hood is the new S6 processor, which is faster, higher, stronger and, of course, more economical.

Plus two new colors

With silver, black and gold, everything is clear. These are classic colors that will suit any image in clothes and life. But with red and blue it is more difficult.

New colors for Apple Watch 6

First, they look like an amateur. Especially blue. For my taste, it reduces the cost of the device, although this is a subjective opinion. Red AW 6s are the most catchy. For this reason, I chose them. First, the inner crow kept me awake. Secondly, I decided to let the new color through myself. Thirdly, the color matches my car – I also have it red, which, as you know, adds +15 mares under the hood.

Now without the power adapter.

When unpacking AW 6, I forgot to mention the lack of a power adapter. By the way, it is not available in all iPhones sold since September of this year. Apple says that by doing so, it cares about the environment. Moreover, each of us already has 1-2 chargers at home. As for me, this is saving on matches. After all, you give/sell the old iPhone, as a rule, in a complete set with charging. And I have to buy a new one without. Not a very pretty story.

More differences

Finally, the “apple” smartwatch made friends with a faster 5 GHz Wi-Fi protocol. Previously, it was only 2.4 GHz. However, not a word about the sixth generation. The device only works with Wi-Fi 5. Unlike the iPhone 11 and fresher. Read more about what Wi-Fi 6 is here.

The height sensor is now always active. The level above sea level can even be taken out as a widget on the dial. In ordinary life, the thing is useless, but during trekking in the mountains, it is simply irreplaceable. I tried it on the AW S5 and enjoyed my achievements. In addition, the measurement accuracy is the highest.

How much battery life

All the same days, no more. The charge will last until the next morning so that you can leave the accessory at night. In watchOS 7, it became possible to track sleep (duration, heartbeat, O2 level).

And the device can always be recharged right in the morning. When charging is complete, iPhone will receive a notification.

Series 5 and 6

Competitors – everything is known in comparison.

Xiaomi Mi Band is enough for a couple thousand rubles to count steps and watch the time and weather. If you need the most functional smartwatch, moreover, a stylish accessory anywhere, then this is only the Apple Watch. I’ll explain with an example.

OPPO recently released their smartwatches. I tried to befriend them for two weeks. Chinese language in the interface, jerky, crooked Wear OS interface from Google, interaction with a smartphone at the notification level, no more. I will keep silent about the poorest functionality compared to AW. At the same time, they cost 30 thousand rubles. And there is a smartwatch for a healthy person – Apple Watch. Yes, they cost a third more, but they offer several more features. And no headaches.

Oppo Watch

There are also gadgets from Huawei / Honor. They are cool, catchy, and generally pleasant. But you use them, and something is not right. Are you bored? There is no seamless interaction with the rest of the gadgets within the ecosystem. In addition, the Apple Watch has applications for all major and not very market players: bank clients, fitness applications, various cards, and even toys. There is nothing for Huawei Watch GT 2.

At the end, which Apple Watch to take?

For my taste, the Apple Watch Series 5 was the perfect smartwatch. With watchOS 7 on board, they are even better and more functional. Compared to them, there are not so many really useful differences in the Apple Watch Series 6:

  • A faster processor (it will be seen in a couple of years).
  • A blood oxygen sensor.
  • New colors.

Herefore, S5 users can relax and calmly wait for the next generation. Moreover, Apple has set a course for a 3-year cycle of product updates. So in 2021, we are waiting for fundamentally new devices.

Series 4 owners should look closely at the new product if they need an always-on display. Otherwise, you still have the same quite modern and pleasant user experience.

Owners of S1-S3 change unambiguously. The Apple Watch has come a long way over the years, and the S6 on the wrist is a completely different gadget.

If you have never had a smartwatch, have an iPhone and 36,990 rubles (for a 40 mm version) or 39,490 rubles (for 44 mm), then immediately take the Apple Watch Series 6. I am sure that you will naturally go crazy with the possibilities – you will study everything for more than one week. If you only need notifications and advanced sports activities monitoring, you can save money by purchasing the Apple Watch SE for 24,990 or 27,490 rubles, depending on the size.


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