All One Needs To Know About Mangadex


This is the era of films, dramas, and TV shows that have gained popularity among young minds. Reading books only consisting of words has become a thing of the past and people prefer to read or watch something that does require them to imagine. This is becoming the cause of driving novelists out of business.

Companies have found a solution to this problem and have created something called a comic. It is like a storybook, only it has pictures and dialogues drawn to every page to provide a better vision. A webtoon is the digital version of a comic book that was created in South Korea. Unlike a comic book that can be read on pages, a webtoon can be read on computers and smartphones.

This article is about Mangadex, a platform that enables webtoons to be read. Read till the end to know more about this website.

What is Mangadex?

Mangadex is a platform created after the shutdown of Bata.To, a former website used to read manga online. Mangadex is an online Manga reader platform that provides all languages. The website was made by scanlators and is open to all those who abide by the rules.

Given the scanlators who created this website, it is without saying that it is among the top manga reading websites available. However, the website is not officially licensed yet, so you may face a bit of difficulty to be able to read the manga. Even though, it provides a low- and high-quality display of images. The main purpose of Mangadex is to improve your reading skills by providing different reading styles as compared to other books.

Is Mangadex free?

Unlike many other manga websites, Mangadex does not require a subscription fee. All the manga are free of cost and can be accessed directly by searching the website. Also, this website is compatible with any device with an acceptable windows operating system.

Does Mangadex have an app?

Mangadex does not have an app yet. This is not to say one will not be developed in the near future. The website has been gaining so much traffic in the past few years (especially from Japan) that the developers are looking to update the website.

Is it safe?

Mangadex is an extremely safe platform that has no kind of virus. As it is an online website that does not have an app yet, there is little to no chance that your system will be affected by anything on the website. However, one can never be too safe and so we recommend you have a backup of all your important files.


Content creation has risen in the past decade and people have gotten extremely creative. Just like books, manga is a way to pour your heart out, as well as showcase your talent. The only difference is that while reading a book, you have to imagine the scenarios yourself. Whereas while reading a manga, the pictures and the dialogues are already present.


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