CS: GO means Counterstrike Global Offensive; it is a video game played online. This game has many maps and levels. However, the most prominent map that has become its pro meta is best grenade spots dust 2. This map is of 8 digit shape, and there is a quick meet-up of both teams in it. Best grenade spots dust 2 was released in 2001 and updated in 2018 by modernizing it using different paths.

If you want a complete guide about the best grenade spots dust 2, keep scrolling to increase your information!

Importance of Dust 2

CS: GO is the most widely played game, with most using best grenade spots dust 2. The visualization of the map makes it more popular among users. Moreover, it is very simple to play and easy to understand. It is the main significance of this map.

Tricks to Win Dust 2 in CS: GO

  • Rush the single spot from more than one side by taking help from the whole team.
  • Selection of the right place to bomb blast will make you the winner of this map.
  • Never make quick attempts, stay humble, and take your turn where mandatory.
  • See the Dust 2 tutorials to improve your skills and make your victory.
  • Perfect pushes in this map lead you to win the game.
  • Check all the sides and corners crucially to avoid the opponent’s attack.
  • Avoid moving a corner, again and again, save your time by staying and focusing.

Achieving the Settings Right

Install and start a game is not difficult, but making suitable changes in settings after entering the game is crucial to affect your performance in the game. If you are new and don’t understand an option, Google it and choose what you want.

Make a Jump in Game

Many people enjoy jumping in the queue, but it is not good. Just make a jump where needed. There are many bomb sites where make blasts against the opponents.

Understanding the Heavy and Complex Machines

The main things are to understand the complex systems and settings of the machines in the game. In addition, heavy machinery is available in the game to make your progress more efficient and better experience while playing.

Spray Control in Dust 2

Every weapon in this game has its spray control. It’s up to you which level of spray control you are using to spray down the opponents.

Make Yourself Ready to Fight

Jump into the queue when you think that you are ready to compete now. But, first, make sure the preparations of your friends in the team and jump after making sure their presence.

Best Weapons Used in Dust 2

AWP is the best rifle that does instant damage above the legs. AK-47 is also considered a popular gun used to kill opponents by immediate headshots. All the weapons can be purchased in the game to make the grip strong. Also Read about Esports Gaming.


Best grenade spots dust 2 is the map of CS: GO that is an online video gaming. It is the most popular and widely used map of this game. Tricks and tips to win the game are mentioned above to make your winnings happen. In addition, basic points to consider in selecting bomb blast sites, the use of the best weapons, spray controls, and accurate settings of the game have been highlighted.


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