10 Shocking Facts About Amy Locane!

Amy Locane has always remained in the limelight for her personal and professional life. Since childhood, she has been featured in more than 100 commercials, sitcoms and movies opposite Hollywood stars like Johnny Deep. She had been in jail for manslaughter for two and a half years. Nowadays, she is living her life in prison. Are you curious to know more about her life? If yes, then this article is for you.

The article will explain Amy Locane net worth, her commercial hits and the incident that leads her to prison. 

  1. She grew up in her birthplace Trenton, New Jersey. She came into this world on the 19th of December, 1971. She did her graduation from Villa Victoria Academy before entering Hollywood. 
  2. At the age of 12, Locane was accredited with being featured in more than 70 TV advertisements. 
  3. Locane made her first appearance in a comedy-drama ‘ Spencer’ in 1984 before appearing on the big screen with her teen drama ‘Lost Angels’. In her first teen drama, she was featured alongside Adam Horovitz. 
  4. She rose to fame with her appearance in a comedy movie with a romantic touch. The blend of romance-comedy was named ‘Cry Baby’. In Cry-Baby, she shared the big screen with a Hollywood film star Johnny Deep
  5. Locane’s notable movies include Blue Sky, Carried Away, Melrose Place, Going All the Way, and Bongwater. She was last featured in The Heist and Secretary. 
  6. Amy Locane net worth is around 100 thousand dollars, as media and popular websites mentioned in 2020. Net worth can fluctuate if she does more or less work in a particular year. Net worth is proportional to the number of hours she works in a year. 
  7. In 2011, her car collided with another car, and in the incident, a 60-year-old native lady died at the spot. Physicians and Doctors disclosed that Locane was heavily drunk, and her blood alcohol concentration was 4 times the legal concentration. 
  8. She was sentenced to three years of prison on the grounds of high speeding and manslaughter. Though, she was freed after two and a half years as her daughters were babies at that time. 
  9. In September 2020, her case again started to surface the headlines. The Court of New Jersey agreed on eight years in prison. Since then, she has been living in captivity. 
  10. In 2006, she tied the knot in a private ceremony with her longtime friend and sweetheart Bovenizer. Bovenizer is an American Catholic who is a successful businessman by profession. The couple has two daughters, and the couple is divorced. 


Amy Locane is an American Catholic who has worked in more than 70 commercials. She was born and raised in New Jersey. Her most proclaimed work is ‘Cry Baby’. Amy Locane net worth is approximately 100 thousand dollars as per media indication. She married the established businessman Mark Bovenzier in 2006. The couple has two daughters. The Court confirmed their divorce in 2017. Since then, they have been apart and living a separate independent life. In her films ‘Secretary’ and ‘The Heist’, she was last seen. In September 2020, she was sent to jail for the death of a woman in a car accident. Read More about American Actor Duane Martin!


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